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Access to Chant du Noireau
1.   Architects plans of house
2.   Description
Entrance into the house
The main entrance into the dining/sitting room leads directly from the car parking area at the front.
There is a 9 cm step up onto the tiled apron at the front of the house and then a further 9cm step up to the doorway itself. The frame of the doorway at its base is a further 4 cm in height. The doorway is 76 cm (30") wide.
The double French doors into the ground floor bedroom provide an additional access which is 125 cm (49")wide. The same height dimensions apply as for the main entrance.
The tiled apron at the front of the house is 1 metre wide and the pathway (surfaced with stone chippings) at the right hand side of the house leading to the garden at the rear is also 1 metre wide.
Ground floor
The ground floor is all on the same level.
The dining/sitting room leads into the ground floor bedroom/bathroom suite via a doorway which is 67 cm (26") wide. The doorways into the bathroom and bedroom respectively are also 67cm wide. The lobby between the bedroom and bathroom is 89 cm wide and 105 cm deep (looking at it from the doorway into it from the dining/sitting room).
The step up into the shower is 15 cm high. The shower tray is 70 x 70 cm wide, with a tiled surround making a total internal width of 84 x 84 cm. The shower cubicle doors slide back to give an opening with a width of 66 cm.
The bath height is 45 cm.
From the dining/sitting room there is a set of double doors into the lounge with each door being 69 cm wide, and a 78 cm wide door into the kitchen . There is a 77 cm wide door from the kitchen into a small lobby and a 67 cm wide door from here into the cloakroom.
First floor
The staircase leading from the dining/sitting room to the first floor consists of 15 steps with a 90 degree turn half way up. The steps are each 18 cm (7") high and are each 24.5 cm (9.5") deep.
The first floor is all on the same level.
The doorways to the bedrooms and bath/shower rooms are each 67 cm (26") wide.


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